Roadhawk Commercial

The Problem

problem Commercial vehicles being held completely at fault

problem Crash for Cash’ and staged accidents

problem Fraudulent personal injury and whiplash claims

problem 50-50 and ‘knock for knock’ outcomes

problem Conflicting statements of events

problem Lack of credible witnesses

problem Excessive fuel consumption / wear & tear on vehicle

RoadHawk Solution

The Solution

solution Provides accurate video, speed, time & date, G-force and location

solution Proven to improve driver behaviour

solution Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently

solution Eligible for use in court to exonerate driver of any blame

solution No subscription or on-going costs

solution Zero maintenance once fitted

solution 120 degree field of view, offering wide angle, distortion free video

solution Proven to improve driver behaviour - Reduce fleet and fuel costs

solution Continuously records journey and saves impact data separately

solution Self-fit or UK wide approved fitting service available

solution Simple to view and send video files

solution Full 2 year warranty and UK based customer support


Advanced Product Display
RoadHawk HD Dash Cam
£209.95 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk E10 Multi Camera DVR
£359.95 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam
£179.95 (Inc VAT)
In stock
RoadHawk HD-2 Dash Cam
£249.95 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk E42 4 Channel DVR
£630.00 (Inc VAT)
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RoadHawk E82 8 Channel DVR
£682.80 (Inc VAT)
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fps distribution

‘We feel the Roadhawk cameras have already paid for themselves by proving liability in accidents in those cases where the company driver is at not at fault, but which would otherwise be settled on a 50-50 basis for lack of evidence. The cameras give us clarity about what happened. It will also prevent fraudulent claims which have become a big problem in the UK’.

 Stuart Collett, Fleet Manager FPS Distribution.